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Meet The Therapist

Elizabeth Dodd, LMBT is a licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist. She is trained in many disciplines and modalities of massage. Elizabeth is dedicated and focused on quickly identifying sources or contributing factors to pain, and apply her many techniques to give her patients maximum pain relief through her Find & Fix™ techniques. Although Elizabeth is blind, she is able to feel and identify problem areas causing pain much faster than your average massage therapist. Essentially, her hands are her eyes!


Our Massage Services

From our Signature Find & Fix™ Medical Massage to our Relaxing Swedish Massage, you can trust Diligent Medical Massage, LLC to give you the best treatment to fit your individual needs.

Find & fix™ medical massage

Signature Find & Fix™ Medical Massage

Our Signature Find & Fix™ Medical Massage employs a variety of techniques to identify and treat problem areas, including Medi-Cupping, helping to alleviate your pain.

Find & fix™ neuromuscular massage

Relaxing Swedish Massage

Our Swedish Massage is like no other. Allow our therapist, Elizabeth to melt away your stress with her relaxing touch, and relax your body like you have never experienced before!

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Custom Tailored Massage

Our Custom Tailored Massage involves a mixture of our Signature Find & Fix™ Medical Massage with our Relaxing Swedish Massage to give you maximum pain relief and relaxation like no other!

Emergency, after hours massage services

Emergency/After Hours

We provide services after hours upon request. Whether you are having a massage emergency, or your work schedule conflicts with our business hours, we are willing to provide after hours service for a small opening fee. Call the office at (252)514-1616 to schedule.

Special massages, pregnancy massage

Special Massages

From Maternity or Pregnancy Massages, to Oncology, and Chair Massage, we can accommodate any special situation to help provide relief and promote relaxation.

We Provide Best Medical Massage Treatment.

From full Medical Massage with our Find & Fix™ Technique, our unbeatable, relaxing Swedish, or any of our special massages, Diligent Medical Massage, and our caring, compassionate therapist, Elizabeth Dodd, looks forward to taking care of you and providing the best care with maximum results!

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Medical massage find & fix™

Find & Fix™ Medical & Swedish Massage Packages Available!

Sometimes it takes more than 1 session to fully resolve pain long term. We at Diligent Medical Massage realize that it may not be feasible to do multiple sessions. To help, we have introduced 2 packages to help make your treatment plan more affordable.  To learn more about our packages, see our services page.


Medi-cupping, diligent medical massage, find & fix™
Reflexology massage, medical massage, find & fix™
Oncology massage


Special Massage Needs?

All situations and massage needs are not created equal. Sometimes a Swedish Massage, or a typical Find & Fix™ Medical Massage will not do. If you are pregnant, have cancer, sinus issues, headaches, heart issues, and many other special situations, Elizabeth has trained in many massage modalities and disciplines. Whatever your unique situation and needs are, Diligent Medical Massage has the perfect massage custom tailored for you! You are unique, and so should your massage be unique! Below are examples of our many modalities we can do, while training in more all the time!

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After Hours, Emergency, and Weekend Services Available Upon Request, Call The Office at 252-514-1616 To Schedule After Hours Service, Also, all New Clients Call For Consultation.

Medi-Cupping (Massage Cupping Therapy)

Now available and included in our Signature Find & Fix™ and Custom-Tailored massage services. It can also be an add-on with our Signature Relaxation Therapeutic Massage.


Massage Modalities Coming Soon

Kinesio taping, kinesiology taping, diligent medical massage, find & fix™

Kinesiology Taping

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Find & fix™ medical massage

Full Medical Certification

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Primal reflex release technique prrt

Primal Reflex Release Technique (PRRT)

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Osteopathy, find & fix™ massage, exploring the benefits of medical massage

Further Osteopathic Training

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Meet Your Therapist

Elizabeth dodd, lmbt

Elizabeth Dodd


Elizabeth, born and raised in Eastern, NC, has always had a passion for helping others even as a kid. Unfortunate circumstances and complications of a condition called Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH), formerly known as Pseudotumor Cerebri, caused her to lose her eyesight at age 18. While presenting new challenges, and having to learn how to live all over again, Elizabeth never lost the passion to help others. Over the years, many told her she was gifted with her hands and should pursue massage therapy. While the thought never crossed her mind to go to school, later her husband endured 2 neck surgeries and stayed constantly in pain. Noticing how stiff his neck and shoulders stayed, Elizabeth made an appointment for him to see a massage therapist to see if it would help. When he returned home and she seen how much better he was feeling, she knew she had to take her gift and get professionally trained. She learned that Carteret Community College in Morehead City, NC has one of the best Massage Therapy programs in North Carolina. She made the phone call to learn more, and ended up being enrolled the very same day! Elizabeth fit in quite well, and graduated the program with honors! Her professor told her her palpation skills (identifying problems with touch) were years ahead of the average Massage Therapist, or even a Chiropractor. What takes most practitioners 15 years or more to develop, Elizabeth had immediately due to her observant nature, and heightened sense of touch due to her blindness. With her persistent study, and her ability to palpate, Elizabeth was named “Best Overall Therapist” and graduated with honors! Her instructor, Dr. Tim Reichman, called her the “Find and Fixer”, and she should trademark it when she opens her practice. After graduating, Elizabeth continued her training. While she was in school, another Carteret Community College Massage Therapy Alumni, Dr. Kirk, became a Doctor of Osteopathy. Intrigued by those techniques, Elizabeth trained with Dr. Kirk to learn Osteopathic techniques, and Trigger Point Therapy. Elizabeth also trained and certified in Cupping, Thoracic Release, Frozen Shoulder, Sciatica, and Psoas Release. Elizabeth is always training and learning more techniques to become a complete therapist to help her patients achieve maximum benefit from her treatments. Operating privately helping friends and relatives, Elizabeth decided to open her practice to the public, thus the birth of Diligent Medical Massage, LLC. Schedule an appointment to experience the care, compassion, and the passion to help you feel better!

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